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Durankulak is a big village

  • There are about 900 people living in Durankulak.
  • The village has totally about 250 houses.
  • Postal code of Durankulak is 9670, Bulgaria.
  • Durankulak has a church.

Durankulak is the border transition checkpoint between Romania and Bulgaria

Durankulak is the name for a lake in the protected area of nature near Durankulak village

Geografically wise Durankulak is roughly on the same latitude as the russian and ukrainian resorts like Anapa, Gelendzhik, Tuapse, Yalta, Feodosiya, Eupatoria and Sochi on the Black Sea and Almaty in Kazakhstan to the east, on one hand, and Split, Rimini, Florence (Firenze), Piza, San-Marino, Ancona, Livorno, Monaco, Nice, Toulouse, Marseille, Bilbao to the west on the other hand.

map of E-87 motorway via Constanta Durankulak Vama veche Shabla Kavarna

Durankulak region is situated in the northernmost part of the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria around the liman freshwater lake of Durankulak. To the east it is separated from the Black Sea by sand dunes and a beach strip, grown with psammophytic and halophytic grass formations largely dominated by Leymeta racemosi, Ammophylleta arenariae, Galileeta mucronatae, Centaureeta arenariae, Trachomitum venetum, Eryngium maritimum, and Cakile maritima. The shores of the lake are mainly grown with Phragmites australis, Typha angustifolia, Typha latifolia, Shoenoplectus triquete, Alisma, Caltha, Equisetum, Sparganium, etc. The southwest part of the beach is high and stony without any presence of open water surfaces. This part of the beach is grown with bush associations consisting of Paliurus spina-christi, Crataegus monogyna, Rosa canina and artificially planted Populus, Fraxinus oxycarpa, Fraxinus ornus, and Prunus machaleb. The hydrophytic vegetation is mixed with some naturally grown groups of Salix alba. A narrow strip of the high beach between the lake and the agricultural lands against Vaklino village has steppe character, but it is very insignificant in size. The other areas of the region consist of arable or abandoned agricultural lands with ruderal vegetation.

City hall at the center of the village:

Durankulak city hall phone numbers: +359(5748)377, +359(88)8639733.

Location of the village, next to Romania :

3 miles from the sea shore,
4 miles from the boarder between Bulgaria and Romania,
4 miles to the romanian resort Vama Veche,
10 miles north from Shabla city,
60 miles from Varna city.

Word Durankulak has a Turkish derivation and means "ear shaped water"

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